Company Overview

Gulf Union Foods Co. was founded in 1999. It is one of the modern leading companies in the production and marketing of juices and beverages. The company is located in the third industrial city in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, where it was equipped with the latest machinery, equipment and production lines with highly technical specifications, advanced technology and the highest standards of quality. All stages of production are supervised by an advanced laboratory for quality control managed by a qualified team of experienced and qualified engineers and technicians, and according to the highest international quality standards as well as the Saudi Standards Organization.Since the start of production, the company has identified its objective of offering new distinct products. These products have achieved great success in the markets of Saudi Arabia and neighboring countries. Gulf Union Foods Co. represents the regional agent for the production and marketing of global Maaza juice products in Saudi Arabia and around the world with famous quality and wonderful taste.The company is currently producing juices and nectars, soft drinks and different products under the names and brands: Original, Captain, Maaza, Ori. Despite the famous name and goodwill of the said products and good spread due to quality and price considerations, the company is seeking to expand through the addition of new production lines and providing other products to achieve a more advantage from spreading locally and internationally.